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Annual Report

Click here to download the 2021 Annual Report to the School Comunnity.

Parent Payments 2022

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Foundation Parent Payments 2022,    Grade 1 Parent Payments 2022Grade 2 Parent Payments 2022

Grade 3 Parent Payments 2022, Grade 4 Parent Payments 2022Grade 5 Parent Payments 2022 Grade 6 Parent Payments 2022


Peer Review

Click here to download the Peer Review Report 2017

Term Dates

Click here for Victorian Government School Term Dates website.

Child Safety Documents

Click here to view our Child Safety Policy

Click here to view our Child Safety Code of Conduct

Click here to view Child Safety Responding & Reporting Obligations & Procedures

Click here to view Protecting Children From Abuse

Click here to view A Step By Step Guide to Making a Report to Child Protection

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Thank-you to Bentleigh and Moorabbin Rotary for funding Road Safety sessions for our students in Grade 2 and 3.

Bentleigh and Moorabbin Rotary Link