At Southmoor, we recognise the vital importance of connecting students to ‘Just Right’ reading materials throughout their primary school years, when lifelong literacy habits and passionate reading attitudes are formed. To enable this, students participate in weekly Library lessons with a qualified teacher, during which they are free to browse the shelves for the perfect book to enjoy and take home. Our warm and inviting Library is well-stocked with a broad range of current and classic literature choices, from Diary of a Wimpy Kid to The Secret Garden, ensuring that all students can find books to suit their reading level and personal interests. Library lessons also guide students towards critical literacy and research skills when exploring our comprehensive nonfiction collection. They learn how to conduct detailed catalogue searches, and the importance of assessing the reliability of different information sources. Students are exposed to a wide range of genres to enhance and encourage their literacy appreciation and analysis.
Students can borrow between one and three books at a time, depending on their year level (Prep - one book; Grades 1 and 2 - two books; Grades 3-6 - three books). The borrowing period is two weeks. 
Our Library is a delightful, peaceful haven, decorated with attractive displays which invite students to explore, relax, share, or simply be. The Library is open to all students before school and during some lunchtimes, and is a popular space for students to meet and socialise over a book or some colouring-in, or listen to ‘read-alouds’ from the Story Box collection. This freedom to explore encourages a sharing of and respect for knowledge and interests and allows for a break from the regular ‘structure’ of the school day.
Our annual reading promotions include The Premier’s Reading Challenge, CBCA Children’s Book Week, Father’s Day Morning for Preps and The Scholastic Book Fair. The Book Fair is one of the highlights of the School year, taking place in conjunction with our Grandparents and Special Friends Day, turning the Library into a buzz of excitement as the students proudly showcase their work to their loved ones. Our Library staff are always there and will happily advise students, teachers and parents.