Performing Arts

Students participate in Performing Arts lessons weekly for one semester per year. During these lessons, students engage in Dance, Music and Drama. Through learning Dance, students develop skills including coordination, moving in time with the music, choreography and dance sequences, getting the opportunity to showcase their skills through dance performances. During Music lessons, students explore rhythm, beat, pitch, simple notation and song. They design and make instruments, as well as create and record their own music using iPad apps. During Drama lessons students learn how to develop characters, write scripts, film, edit and produce movies. Students also increase their improvisational performance skills and learn to perform scripted and workshopped pieces in front of an audience, helping to build their communication skills and public-speaking confidence. As audience members they learn to offer positive, constructive feedback and give encouragement to those around them. Performing Arts is an important area of the Curriculum offered here at Southmoor, as it allows students to build crucial social skills including effective communication, collaboration, self-esteem, and above all, respect.