Transition Program

Our formal transition programs occur for our students prior to beginning Prep and for our Year 5 and 6 students prior to commencing their secondary education. Of course, we believe transition is an ongoing process for all students as they make their way through their primary education and this is always considered. Our staff support students in all year levels to transition successfully from year to year as needed.

Prep Transition

In the year before beginning Prep, students participate in a transition program (usually beginning early Term 4) where they meet their new classmates. They have the opportunity to attend sessions as a whole group as well as in smaller groups to ensure that they become familiar and comfortable in their new educational environment. An information night is held for prospective parents during the transition program where an overview of the prep year at Southmoor is presented and specific questions and queries can be addressed by the current Prep staff. A second information night is held at the beginning of the Prep year where a more thorough explanation of the year ahead is provided!

The first day of the school year for our Prep students is a half day session (usually the morning) with a focus on meeting their classmates and teacher and familiarizing themselves with their classroom and the school grounds! The students are eased into full time attendance with Wednesdays being a "rest and assessment" day for Term 1. Each student participates in one on one entry assessment with their classroom teacher on the Wednesdays, which not only gives the classroom teacher information about where the child is at academically, it is also a lovely opportunity for staff to bond with your child!

Grade 5 and 6

In Grades 5 and 6, our students have the opportunity to attend several transition sessions at a nearby secondary school, Cheltenham Secondary College. This gives them an insight into what secondary school is like and is an exciting and enriching experience for our senior students! The Grade 6 students also have orientation sessions at their nominated secondary schools in Term 4. Our staff support the senior student's transition to secondary school by liaising with the Year 7 staff and coordinators.