Information Technology

Southmoor Primary School has excellent Information & Communication Technology (ICT) facilities, including library and classroom equipment. At Southmoor we have a fully functional computer lab and have recently acquired three banks of portable netbooks. We have 85 iPads for daily use in the classrooms. These will be of enormous value for students who can immerse themselves in a variety of tasks. They will assist students in all areas of the curriculum and be used as tools to assist the completion of their integrated units of inquiry. The iPads are used in everyday class lessons as well as in the student's weekly ICT session, which helps to consolidate ICT skills in day to day classwork.

Southmoor Primary School is also a part of Dr John's Digital Excellence Australia Program that assists students to learn fundamental information and communication technology skills. As skills and understandings improve students are awarded badges that help others recognise them as "digital experts" in that area.

Students attend weekly specialist ICT lessons acquiring skills in many areas including:- graphics, touch-typing, word processing, database and graphing, page layout and presentation, e-mail, web publishing, video editing, mindmapping and programming. They also gain experience using scanners, cameras and other peripheral equipment.


In 2017 Prep students at Southmoor will "Bring Their Own Device", an iPad, which they will use as they move through their junior years (Foundation to Grade 2). The iPad has been chosen as the device due to the intuitive use, variety and quality of applications available as well as familiarity for our students.

 Southmoor is very proud of our ICT (information communication technology) and interactive learning technologies program. Over the past 4 years, we have invested a significant amount of money into upgrading our equipment to support student engagement and to best deliver 21st Century learning programs. We started a iPad program in 2012, with two trolleys of 25 iPads that were shared by the whole school. Driven by our Digital Excellence program and increased teacher and student excitement for the many ways these devices can be used to enhance student learning and engagement. Since then, not only have we grown significantly in enrolments, but demand for use of the equipment has increased exponentially.

Southmoor Primary School has moved toward a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach in order to provide the access to learning technologies that the students are entitled to as per our philosophy of teaching and learning, but also the philosophy and guidelines of the Department of Education. We continue to utilise a balanced approach to learning with technology and the emphasis on skills such as handwriting remains (and will continue to remain) a priority at Southmoor, particularly in the early years. The iPads are a tool used to enhance student learning, not as a "replacement" for "pencil and paper" learning.

To purchase an iPad please visit our Portal hosted by CompNow here