Learnscapes at Southmoor Primary

Integrating varied initiatives into the curriculum under the title "Learnscapes" - best explained as 'landscapes designed for learning' - the school has introduced chickens, designed a herb garden spiral, created a trout farm and a range of organic vegetable garden areas. Through an inspiring Grade 6 project called 'Leaving Your Mark', every year the graduating students get the opportunity to leave a new development behind at the school. Past projects include the hydroponic tomato tent, a waterfall garden, a 900cm (30ft) outdoor classroom Tipi, a new playground built during 2007, a butterfly garden mosaic, an Autumn Garden metal sculpture and an outdoor brick oven to complement the school's kitchen/dining facility, with a whole school Mandala, designed by the Grade 6 student team to be a feature of our 50th Birthday year. In 2014, the Grade 6 students worked to assist in the development of Stage 1 of our Korean Garden. In 2016 the students worked with a graphic design artist to create a paint and vinyl mural installed in the school foyer.