Design Technologies

At Southmoor, we explore many vital Curriculum learning areas and capabilities in our STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) based program of Design Technology. From Foundation through to Grade 6, the students engage in real-world problem-solving challenges requiring them to follow the engineering process to develop design solutions, using both hands-on tools and materials, and various forms of technology. 
In Design Technology we pride ourselves on student engagement, creativity and the fostering of the intrinsic motivation young people need to succeed as 21st Century learners. Students from grades 1 to 6 work in teams to inquire, research, plan, create, test and improve design solutions, whilst developing essential collaborative and social skills. The tasks are deliberately open-ended, encouraging student voice and choice to ultimately achieve a common goal. Students develop self-regulation, feedback and reflective skills through a program which teaches meaningful goal-setting, as well as respectful and constructive analysis of the projects of their own group and those of their peers. We take the opportunity during Design Technology planning to make curriculum links to other programs at Southmoor, for example the SAKGP and Learnscapes programs, enabling real-life connections to be made.